About U.S. Charitable Gaming.com by Gaming Benefits Corporation

U.S. Charitable Gaming .com is owned and operated by the Gaming Benefits Corporation.

The Gaming Benefits Corporation (GBC) was incorporated on May 1, 2020 in the state of New

Hampshire as a benefits corporation — a purpose‐driven company whose mission is to bring nonprofit

organization’s fundraising activities into the 21st century. Nonprofits that are empowered with the right

technology can raise more money, serve more people and deliver better outcomes to under-served

communities. In furtherance to this mission, we intend to provide a regulatory compliant blockchainbased

platform that enables nonprofits to conduct their charitable fundraising efforts in a safe and

secure online environment.

The Gaming Benefits Corporation (GBC) is formed to provide platform technology,

blockchain based systems, and related services to enhance responsible gaming,

proof of corporate responsibility and accountable nonprofit fundraising.

GBC platform technology digitally transforms the traditional charitable raffling model — where paper

tickets, cash, and numerous volunteers are often required to manually conduct in‐person raffles — by

updating it for the digital age with a raffle‐based software system that is more efficient, lowers labor

costs and promotes greater participation, while providing transparency and accountability to the raffle

process. Specifically, the platform fully automates the sale of raffle tickets, the selection of winners, and

the awarding of payouts through a system similar in nature to state lottery online platform offerings.

The online raffle segment of the charitable gaming market is set to grow due to recent changes in

regulations in several states loosening restrictions to allow online raffles. These changes went largely

unnoticed with all the industry attention and focus on sports betting and online gaming expansion.

At present 14 states now legally allow the general public to purchase a charitable raffle ticket online

from the convenience of their mobile phone.3 Proposed changes to raffle laws, which, if enacted in the

current legislative session would open up 5 more states, creating an expanded opportunity in increasing

GBC’s total addressable market.